The simplest hydroponic system

Looking for something simple to start your hydroponic system? Then it means that the water culture system is the perfect choice for you. Basically, it represents a hydroponic design that relies on the fact that the plants float directly on the water that offers their nutrients.

So, let`s start with what you will need.

An aquarium will be perfect for newcomers, but any type of tank or barrel can do the job too. It is recommended that you choose an opaque container in order to protect the roots from exposure to direct light. Construct a floating surface that will fit the surface of the container. Usually, Styrofoam is used. Also, you will need some growing medium, but not in immense quantities. Due to the dimensions of your system, you won`t have to use too much. Furthermore, an air pump is a must in order to keep the oxygen levels correct.

When it comes to setting up the system, you won`t experience any trouble. First of all, you will have to cut perfectly the floating surface. Remember that you will have to cut it in a dimension that it is not similar to that of the opening of your container. Next, you will have to cut into the floating surface in order to make space for the cups. Those will be the new home for your seeds and future plants. In each cup`s end you will have to do additional holes in order to allow the root to grow. Remember that the growing medium should not fall into the water. From here on you will have to fill the container with water and place some nutrients in it. Keep a close eye on the pH levels and never forget to regularly check it.

When the initial amount of water has decreased to a half, complete it with water. When this happens again, replenish the entire water required with a new mixture of nutrients. It is the simplest way of growing your crops hydroponically.