What is higromite?

Have you heard of higromite? It seems it makes its way towards the top of hydroponic growing media. Higromite represents a mineral rock that has a silica base. It is a natural substance that can do wonders for your hydroponic system.

The advantages of using higromite

One of the pros for using higromite in a hydroponic system is the fact that influences and helps the roots in their developing process. Adding up, this means that the roots of your plants will be healthy and benefit from all the nutrients needed to protect the plant in front of diseases. Silica is the element present in higromite responsible with creating resistance against bacterial or fungal infestations. In a hydroponics system, when water goes over the higromite, silica is released and joins other nutrients that will be absorbed by the roots. Another advantage of this growing material is the fact that is able to absorb moisture and facilitate oxygenation. This means that the roots of your plants will benefit from a perfect growing environment. Keep in mind that you can reuse the higromite, so it is a cost effective option for your growing container.

The disadvantages of using higromite

One of the main problems of higromite is the fact that it weights too much. This will make your job harder and moving around the container will be difficult. SO to say, when maintenance time comes, you will need help. Higromite is known for its capacity of creating the perfect growing environment for algae. This can be quite a problem because gardeners want to avoid it, not to facilitate its appearance.

There are some gardeners that state the fact that higromite can influence the growth in plants and aid them in blooming. Those affirmations are not sustained by a credible source or research. It is true that this rock has certain properties that can influence the well being of your system, but there are no scientific evidences.

Higromite can turn out to be the perfect growing media for tall plants. It can aid them in better developing the root system. Also, it can offer extra support as tall plants tend to get heavier and heavier. Even though it has several disadvantages, this material might end up among the favorites. We all know how hard it is to grow hydroponic tall plants. Higromite might be the future. Anyway, there are several minerals present in this rock which can be released during the hydroponic process. This can bring various benefits to your plants. But do not forget about its disadvantages. Monitoring is essential when using higromite. Preventing is the best option because treating can turn out to be a bit difficult.

higromite growing media