What is pumice?

A popular growing media for hydroponics is the one called pumice. Pumice is obtained from foam of volcanic glass. All around the world this material is used for sustaining the growing of the plants, for providing the proper aeration and moisture.

It is perfect for soilless gardening.

One of the most important characteristics of pumice is the fact that absorbs nutrients and releases them to the roots when needed. This means that the water is retained in small quantities in order to keep the system functional. Anyway, do not think that this encourages the appearance of algae at the surface of your growing bed. It actually prevents its appearance due to the fact that you will have to flood the system less frequently. Pumice is different from other growing media due to the fact that it has this porous surface, which ends up being the home for beneficial bacteria.

Another advantage of using pumice is the fact that it does not interfere with the drainage process. Due to its pores, this growing media is able to breathe the air and keep the roots oxygenated. Also, they drain quickly, which means it is a possibility of completing the nutrients required.

The gas exchange that happens at the root zone is also important. This is why the oxygen is so important. The lack of it can lead to roots disease. Pumice is perfect for aiding the root in this process.

Pumice is known for its capacity of holding plants properly. Even though it does not weight much, pumice can stay in one place and provide stability for growing plants. It is preferable to use it instead of gravel and sand.

This being said, opting for pumice as a growing media can turn out to be highly beneficial for your crops. You have to consider the store you get it from. There are several companies that opt for using chemicals in it, so that can damage your roots. Opt for trustworthy brands that provide the porous stone as natural as possible. Remember that the best pumice is the one that has large pores and allows the water to recirculate quickly. Furthermore, it is the one that makes spare supplies of nutrients and releases them when needed. SO to say, it is the perfect growing media, if you are planning to establish a sustainable hydroponic system.

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