What means CHIFT PIST?

The term `CHIFT PIST` is essential for hydroponics. It refers to the constant height present in a fish tank and the pump in sump tank. The goal of this combination is to provide the easiest way for maintenance of an aquaponic system.

Do not misunderstand: using the CHIFT PIST technique won`t save you from the need of regularly removing extra waste.

The advantage of this system is the fact that it does not need too much plumbing because the sump tank is placed directly underneath the fish tank. In other words, if you are new in this field, the CHIFT PIST technique will help you better understand how the entire thing functions.

You will have to install a pump in the sump tank and a timer. This will allow you to control when the water will start circulating and when not. It is a perfect option for keep the proper amounts of water in the fish tank. Balance will make your fish happy.

Here is a list with other advantages of CHIFT PIST:

– there is no need for a maze of pipes and tubes. A singular overflow pipe for the fish tank will do the job. This will be installed on top of the tank.

– you will not be forced to place a pump inside the fish tank. But in some cases you will have to provide extra aeration in order to offer the cozy needs a fish has.

– the proper balance will be created because of the extra water the sump will provide.

– the pump will function more thoroughly due to the fact that is placed directly into the sump tank. This will be free from the solids you feed your fish.

– the sump tank is responsible for keeping the optimal temperature in the fish tank. As an example, if you place your grow beds in a sunny area, the water that recirculates will be heated. The sump tank will act like a barrier between the warm water and the temperature inside the fish tank. It will cool a bit before it gets back into the fish tank.

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