4 Types of home automation security systems

If you decide on buying a home automation security system, it’s best to know that there are 4 types and also you should know the pros and cons of every one of them.

The 4 types of home automation security systems are:

  • Hard-wired Unmonitored
  • Hard-wired Monitored
  • Wireless Unmonitored
  • Wireless Monitored

Hard-Wired Unmonitored Systems

This type of system was the most common and the most cost-efficient one when the automation systems first appeared. In a typical set-up, 3 or more wired sensors are attached to windows or doors that would be easiest to access for a potential intruder.

These sensors are then connected to a central unit. The system can only be turned off by entering a code.

One major downside is that the authorities are not immediately contacted, which means that you’ll have to rely on your neighbors. The major upside is the low cost. If you live in a safe area or in a tightly clustered area, than a hard-wired unmonitored system is the best for you.

Hard-Wired Monitored Systems

These types of systems are almost identical to the unmonitored ones, only that, when the alarm is triggered, the authorities are contacted. In many cases the owner can opt to make the alarm silent so that the burglar is not aware of it. This always increases the chance of catching him.

The major upside is that either a security provider or the police are immediately contacted. The downside are the costs included. If it’s monitored, the system will surely cost more, and if you hired a security provider, then you will have to pay a monthly fee.

Wireless unmonitored systems

Wireless systems imply the usage of wireless sensors and infrared lights that communicate with the central unit through radio waves. This system is the same with the hard-wired unmonitored one, only that is uses a new technology and other types of detection sensors.

The major upside is that the system is not tied to electricity or telephone wires. The system costs more but if you have a big house it can come out cheaper than doing all the wiring.

Wireless monitored systems

This system is like the unmonitored one, only that this one alerts the authorities. There are two major upsides for this system: it works independently from electricity and telephone access and it contacts the police immediately. Sometimes, these systems also include surveillance cameras, but this may add a lot to the final costs.

Be careful when choosing the security system for your house. Choose one that best fits your needs and also that has a price good for you.

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