Home automation - less is more

Even though in the past different automation systems couldn’t be used as a whole, now, thanks to Zensys , there has been developed a new technology that help bridge the gap between these. Today, more than 100 companies produce automation systems that are compatible with Z-wave. Now, almost everything that uses electricity can be controlled.

The Zensys system use a new way of transmitting the signal from the remote control. If you want to turn off the light from another room, and the signal can’t reach through, the system sends the signal through other nodes.


Z-wave is a reliable device that provides mass market appeal, ease of control, and low use of power. It is also a very affordable system. Some years ago, only million dollar houses could had home automation. Today, the number has doubled.

Safety and security

Concerning house safety, Z-Wave is a perfect system. It can be programmed to monitor elder people or children. For example, if a senior person doesn’t wake up in the morning, the system notifies the owner. Also it can be programmed to alert if a person has fallen to the ground.

Also the Z-Wave can turn the lights on automatically, set alarm and temperature. You can set the lights to go on with the sunset and also turn some electronics on or off while you’re not home.

Energy management

The system help you save a lot of money. To give an example, the lights will be switched off when a room is not occupied, and the heat system will be shut down when the window is opened.

Access control

Access control helps you see if any windows or doors are opened or some electronics that are not switched off. Additional sensors can detect intruders and turn on all the lights, activate surveillance cameras and send you a message or emailon your phone.

The Z-Wave technology supports the full range of AC-powered, battery-powered, fixed position nodes, moving nodes and, potentially, bridging nodes to other technologies, with a range of Z-Wave protocol stacks. Z-Wave supports moving battery powered devices such as hand-held remotes and moving sensors within each node type.

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