Home automation - lighting

One of the most popular automation systems is that for lighting. This system can include switches, controls, sensors. You can save a lot of money by installing one of these, because the lights will go out when you’re not at home.

Automated light systems

Home automation lighting doesn’t need to be very complicated. You can just install a timer to set the time of the day you want the lights to operate. You can also use the timer for heaters or coffee machines. More fancy automation systems can be controlled from distance by remote control. This way you can switch on or off the lights in any room only by pressing a button. These systems are more complicated and you can program them, control dimmer lighting.

Some other systems help you save money on energy. This is know as daylight harvesting. The light respond automatically to daylight. Also the lights can be connected to an alarm so that they can go on when it’s set off.

Natural light systems

Natural light systems actually involve the use of shades, draperies or other systems than can respond to daylight. All these can be controlled by radio waves from a central panel. You can just draw the shades at a press of a button.

Although these systems are nice, they use more energy than just going there and drawing the shades by hand. They can be very useful in the case of disabled people.

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