Home automation security system features

There are some features that you need to include in your home system security.

Remote control

First of all it’s nice to have a remote control. This way you can activate the alarm without needing to enter codes.

The most recent systems use RFID technology that can sense your presence in the house, without the need to enter codes.

Also, remote controls make it easier for you to control the audio and video systems and also lighting.

X10 home automation

X10 home automation is one of the best systems on the market, and also one of the easiest to install because it does not require additional wires. The system uses the existing wires in the house and also use the normal electrical outlets.

The modules in the system can be controlled by remote, computer or by simple timers.

Computer control

X10 systems can be very easily controlled by computer. This means you need to install a software in your computer and then just turn on or off different systems in your house. You can also monitor the systems that are turned off and see their status. Also you can control security cameras.


Most recent cameras have a special system that allows you to monitor them from anywhere in the world. This way you can simply connect to the Internet and see what it’s going on in your home. You can also store some backup recordings that can help you identify the burglars.


You can use the automation system to arm or disarm your security system.

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