Home wiring and systems

Access controls. This includes the ability to gain access to your home, including driveway gates, security keypads, electronic locks, etc.

Audio/Video Control Systems: These can control home theaters, video and audio systems.

Communications: Telephone systems and intercoms allowing internal and external communications.

Control Devices & Sensors: Nodules, devices, and sensors that activate a system, appliance or light.

Home Automation Protocols: These are known as home automation standards, and serve as the communication infrastructure for any home automation system, allowing different subsystemsand productsin the home to communicate with each other. Protocols can include:X-10,CE Bus (Consumer Electronics Bus),Lon Works.

Home Theater/Satellites: These are the ultimate systems in home entertainment. These products bring you very large screen television, top-notch sound systems, and satellite dish technology providing access to more TV channels than cable or broadcast usually offer.

HVAC & Energy Management: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be very well set to automation, providing the homeowner with maximum comfort along with maximum control over the timing and energy demands of temperature and ventilation control.

Lighting Devices & Sensors: These systems allow you to pre-set (or detect motion or light) and activate the internal and external lights of your home to turn on, off, dim, or brighten, at whatever times you wish.

Motorized Devices: These devices are used to open or close garage doors or just blinds.

Security Systems: These systems make your house safer not just against burglars but for children or elder people monitoring.

Utility Based Services: Services that are provided by utility companies to monitor and control energy management requirements in your home.

Whole House Control Systems: If you want to be able to control and automate more than one or two systems in your home, go for a whole house control system.

Windows & Covering Controls: These pull the blinds, or open them up, without your lifting a hand.

Wire/Wiring & Cable Systems: Structured cabling systems are the information highways of your home; you need the right kinds of wiring to make the most of communications, the Internet, and audio/video.

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