Car insurance forms

Car insurances are very expensive, without mentioning the extra expenses that usually occur, like servicing costs, repair expenses, MOT, road taxes, etc. That is why it’s very important that you know as much as you can about insurances before going to an insurance agent. Getting the best deal is a must.

The best way to find out about car insurances is browsing on the internet. You will be able to identify the best policy for you, and also get it at a perfect deal.

There are three basic forms of insurances and you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Third party
    This type of insurance if very simple and it’s hassle free. Every driver is obliged by law to have one. How it works? Well, in case of an accident cause due to your negligence, you are responsible to reimburse the expenses of the damage. Thus the insurance company will pay in your place. A third party insurance doesn’t give any flexibility concerning damage received or in the case your vehicle has been stolen.
  2. Third party, fire and theft insurance
    This type of insurance covers your car in case it gets damaged, and also if you damage another car. Also fire damage is covered and in case your car was stolen, the insurance company will give you another car or reimburse the value of the car. The policy is more expensive but it’s definitely worth the money.
  3. Comprehensive insurance
    This is the most expensive of the three insurances, but it has the greatest coverage. It covers the damage causes to your vehicle in case you are responsible for the accident, and it also protects the defaulter. Hit and run cases are also covered. It offers coverage for object theft, like car audio system, and also for broken windshield. If you car has broken in the middle of the road, then you can just call the insurance company and they will offer assistance. This is the trickiest of the three policies, as it offers too many coverages. You may not need some, but they will still add to the final price. So if you want great coverage but lower rates, make sure that you specify the options that you want to have.
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