Theft insurance for your motorbike

Car and motorbike thefts have become a huge problem around the world. If your motorbike gets stolen, you may never see it again, because the thieves will strip it to sell the parts quicker.

You can prevent your motorbike from being stolen by keeping it in a garage.

If your garage is equipped with an alarm system, then it should be safe. It doesn’t really matter where you hold it, but it must be enclosed and have a secure, solid lock.

But even though it’s not physically protected, the best way to secure it is to buy an insurance policy. If stolen and insured, the insurer will replace the stole motorbike, or reimburse its value.

A very important thing is to see how the insurance company is processing claims. They pay close attention to details and you may be fooled by some. Filling a claim can be a nightmare. Know what your insurance company want’s from you. What information they require. If you complete the claim correctly and provide the additional documents from the start, then you shouldn’t have any problems.

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