Preparing the wall for a wallpaper

First steps in hanging a wallpaper is preparing the walls. Besides cleaning and stripping the old wallpaper down (if there is any), you will need to use primers. You can also use a special kind of paint, that after it dries it becomes a semi-gloss paint.

It’s very good for the adhesive.

The purpose of the primers is to stop the adhesive from penetrating too deep in the texture of the wall. This can make your wallpaper pull of the wall. Primers or paint-like-primers are very easy to apply and dry very quick.

After this, it doesn’t matter if you do the whole room in one day or in one week. As long as you allow the wallpaper to relax and expand and apply the adhesive the right way, you can do it in a month. To hasten up the process, you can apply adhesive on two pieces of wallpaper, and apply one on the wall while the other one expands.

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