Problems related to wallpaper hanging

Wallpaper hanging is quite as easy as it sounds. The process is very time consuming and very delicate. The key to good wallpaper installation is wall preparation and good adhesives.

It’s very important that all surfaces on the wall stick to each other. This means that not only the adhesive stick to the wall, but the primer and the paint too. If you don’t remove all the dust from the sanding process, the wallpaper will pull from the wall very easily. Cleaning the wall is essential for the adhesive. As it dries it creates a strong tension force and it can really easy rip the paint from the wall.

Another problem is related to the application of the adhesive on the wallpaper. If you let the wallpaper to expand for a longer time than it’s needed, then it will dry up and fail to stick to the wall. You need to carefully read the information on the package and see the time necessary to expand and relax.

Swelling is yet another problem. This can very easily be the cause of too little relaxation or dust. This may also be a cause of high humidity in the room. The wallpaper gets soaked and then it expands and pulls away from the wall. If you use wallpapers for bathrooms or kitchens then you will need to buy some special ones.

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