Specialized wallpaper primers for drywall

If you are going to do a wallpaper job, it’s very important to do your shopping from specialized shops, because you can’t always trust what is says on a can of adhesive.

Special resins

First, you will need a special sealer for the wall, especially is it’s freshly constructed. Regular paint primers or sealers aren’t the same thing as wallpaper sealers and primers.

The wallpaper primers act like a barrier between the wallpaper and the wall. Thus the adhesives will not penetrate in the wall too deep. This means a longer life for you wallpaper.


One of the best products is Shieldz Plus, made by Zinsser company. The base color or the primer is white, but can very well be tinted in any color you want. It is recommended to use the color of your wallpaper background. Thus, if there are any spaces between the sheets, there won’t be noticeable.

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