Bamboo kitchen flooring

There are many advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring and you should know each one of them, especially if you plan on using bamboo for the kitchen floor. Your kitchen is certainly a busy room and besides the traffic, it’s also an area where you cook and this means spills and humidity. Bamboo is a great type of wood and it’s very durable, so it can make a great choice for your kitchen.

Advantages of bamboo flooring

Eco-friendly material – bamboo has become very popular among users because it’s an eco-friendly material. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, not a tree, and it grows really fast. It can be harvested once 3 to 5 years, making is a sustainable resource.

Moisture – bamboo has a great resistance to moisture, making it perfect for your kitchen and even your bathroom.

Beauty – because of its natural beauty, bamboo doesn’t need to pe painted or stained.

Life span – it’s also very long-lasting, even outlasting many types of wood floors. And this happens without any treatments and paints.

Insect free – fiber-based bamboo floors are very resistant against insects and also they do not trap allergens. These floors are also easy to clean.

Disadvantages of bamboo floors

Costs – because bamboo floors can cost you anywhere from $3 to $9 per square foot, they are a little more expensive than the average wood floors.

Durability – even though bamboo floors are long-lasting and very resistant to moisture, they can be easily scratched and dented. Also the light from the sun can remove their color.

Toxicity – this aspect really depends on the manufacturer. For example, in China, these bamboo floors are made using urea formaldehyde which is a toxic product.

Color range – bamboo floors usually come in only a few colors, and these result from heating the wood to darken.

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