Cobalt blue accents kitchen design

Cobalt blue is one of the most popular colors for kitchen designs. It’s used in many decorative themes, like Mediterranean, French, Tuscan. Cobalt blue can be used to create a cheerful and colorful kitchen design.

Wall accents

There are many ways to use the cobalt blue in your kitchen. You can create some bold effects by painting one wall in a rich, dark cobalt blue shade, and the other wall in a lighter shade. If you want a more subtle effect you can use a wallpaper border or stencil that includes the blue shade.

Dishes and glassware

There are thousand of types of blue cobalt dishes and glassware. You can buy dishes colored in white and shades of cobalt blue. They will add a nice effect if they are placed in a place where light can pass through them. You can add bottles and pottery collections on top of the cabinets to create a focal area.


You can add color to your kitchen through the tiles. They will also be very easy to clean. Choose the style of the tiles. If you want to create a vivid accent within your kitchen, then you should use cobalt blue ceramic tiles.


Most of the times “less is more” when decorating your kitchen with cobalt blue. Be careful not to have too much blue and darken the room. Choose one of the ideas above. You can also use smaller accessories like place-mats, napkins, table runners, curtain toppers.

You can also buy some floral arrangements that have blue flowers.

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