Colorful kitchen tricks

Because kitchens have become very important for our ways of living, it becomes increasingly important to have a good design. This doesn’t include only the design, but also the furniture you choose, accessories and appliances.

Your kitchen can always be improved, especially if you enjoy taking this kind of projects.

The three most important principles that you will need to have in mind are: choosing the right color, materials and the function of the space.

Modern kitchen design

When someone talks about the color in the kitchen , they think of the walls and flooring. But today you will need to extend to other areas like dishes, glassware, appliances, pot and pans, cabinetry counter-tops and furniture. Metallic finishes and luminous colors have become very popular. You do not need to be bold on the colors you choose for the walls. You can use the furniture to brighten the kitchen. Some great appliances can be found in the Frigidaire Elements line. Some of the appliances and features are:

  • Finish – thanks to the durable and sleek finish, any color scheme can be used and also the surface is fingerprint free.
  • Refrigeration – adjustable shelves, gallon-door bins, more storage space.

Redesign is also very important and more and more often. Metals and other exotic materials are replacing the traditional wood and granite furniture and counter-tops. Also because of the environmental issues designs are more and more affected  and made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo.

One important aspect that you will need to consider is the kitchen traffic.

One interesting trend in kitchen design is adding more functionality by adding more appliances. Not just different appliances but two of each. For example two ovens, two sinks, etc. This will add functionality to your kitchen and allow other members of the family to be involved with cooking.

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