Custom wood kitchen cabinets

If you have considered using wood for your kitchen cabinets, then yo should analyze the wide range of wood types and see their advantages. Some will also look a lot better in your kitchen.

Pine cabinets

Pine is one of the soft woods.

It usually has a yellow color with brown knots. Because it has a beautiful grain, it is very popular among home owners. It can be stained to obtain a stylish effect.

Maple and oak cabinets

These are two of the main hardwood types existent on the market. These are very popular choices. The colors can vary from a light one with an even grain texture, in the case of maple, and to a reddish color and an open grain, in the case of the oak wood. These are some of the most durable types of wood.

Cherry cabinets

Cherry cabinets also have a reddish-brown look, just like the oak. They can also be found in a deep red color. Cherry cabinets can be a little more expensive than oak or maple ones, because of the quality and the beauty of the wood.

Besides the costs of the cabinets, you should consider its durability.

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