Decorate your kitchen in the 1930s style

Although furniture manufacturers produce a large variety of modern designs, some people prefer retro styles such as that of the 1930s. Besides the fact that they are fashionable the style and designs of the 1930s can be always mixed with modern items. One can always introduce vintage pieces of furniture into a modern kitchen, keeping at the same time the facilities offered by the 21st century.

  To satisfy this taste for ancient aspect, manufacturers produce white goods having an old look, but keeping the same utilities.


The walls of a 1930s kitchen were usually painted in sparkling and intense colors such as light deep green, pure red or yellow. People also used decorative paper for walls representing different patterns.


The 1930s kitchen style was characterized by the presence of linoleum on the flooring. Besides the fact that it was not expensive at all, it was very easy to clean. The most common patterns for linoleum were those representing big tiles. The colors of these patterns were usually opposite, such as black and white.


The cabinets of the 1930s kitchens were placed into the walls and at the same level with the countertop. They had only one knob. Although cabinets were simple, they were colored in the same strong tones as the walls; sometimes a lighter or a darker color was used for the cabinets.


Rich people used to buy modern appliances for their kitchens; a refrigerator and a stove were always included into a kitchen. These appliances were placed at the same level with the cabinets and had the same color. Sometimes, telephones were also installed into the kitchen because it was easier for women to answer when it rang.

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