Designing a new kitchen

There are many things to do when redesigning or remodeling your kitchen and sometimes it can be overwhelming. The following article will lead you through some basic steps that should make the job a lot easier.


First of all you will need to make some measurements and make a sketch of the entire kitchen.

Here’s what you need to measure:

  1. the walls from corner to corner
  2. the distance between the wall corner and window or door frame.
  3. the width of the windows and doors.
  4. also measure the distance from the nearest corner to the water, drain and gas lines.
  5. you can measure the distance to the electrical outlets and switches as well.
  6. then measure the height of the room
  7. then the height from the floor to the window and from the top of the window to the ceiling
  8. also measure the distance from the top edge of the door to the ceiling.

Now make the basic layout of the kitchen. A great idea is to make a few copies of the sketch and play with it by adding furniture, etc., or you can search online for design programs that will allow you to choose colors and enter the needed measurements of the room.

These online programs will help you determine the best position for your major appliances. Also you can see if you have the needed counter space. Think of the working triangle: cook top-fridge-sink.

Then choose the cabinetry, the colors and designs. Make sure you have enough space for the cabinets between the appliances and also that you have enough counter-top space near each of them.

Finally, add the plumbing and heating supplies, light fixtures, fans, choose the floor materials, wall colors, etc.

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