Different kitchen styles of the 1930s

There are many differences between a 1930s kitchen and a modern design. Nowadays, kitchens are decorated with stainless steel items while in the 1930s kitchens were painted in bright and strong colors and had patterned floors. Whether you are interested in the 1930s design or you’re just curious, this article will present you some general styles of this period.

Chic kitchens in the 1930s style

The chic 1930s kitchens are characterized by the fact that the edges of the furniture are all edged. The drawers and the cabinets are accessorized with black handles having oblong shapes. The colors used are very bright and strong and always in contrast with the linoleum, which is darker. The cabinets of the chic 1930s kitchens are built in to the walls.

Chrome kitchen in the 1930s style

The 1930s chrome kitchen is a mixture of pale colors and shinning metal items. The walls painted in soft tones and the linoleum imitating the color of chrome are representative features of this kitchen style. The drawers and the cabinets are decorated with dark knobs while the appliances are usually white.

Kitchens with patterned flooring in the 1930s style

The flooring of the 1930s kitchen style is the central attraction of the room because it has very complicated and elaborated designs that strike the eye. Usually painted in opposite colors, the flooring are in contrast with the soft – colored walls.

1930s all purpose kitchen

Because in the 1930s many houses had no floor space, the kitchen spread throughout several rooms. Some appliances were placed into a corner of the kitchen while others were installed in the opposite corner. Pieces of furniture were also placed in different parts of the kitchen. The walls were covered in tile thus stopping the mess to fan out.

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