Expanded kitchens

Because kitchens are an important part of the house and because people spend a lot of time in them, many kitchens now include an entertainment area.

You can plan an elaborate area or you can opt for a simpler space. As a homeowner you surely have an image of the project in your head.

The best way to get the most out of the project is to hire a designer. The designer should be able to make all your ideas happened.

You should think if the area will be incorporated in the kitchen. If you plan on adding a special dining table, right beside the kitchen, then you should consider where you place each of the appliances. The cook should be able to prepare the food without being disturbed by other people walking in the kitchen. Also keep the refrigerator orientated to the table, for easy access.

The most important elements of the area are an additional sink and a slide-out towel bar under it. You should also have an ice maker.

You should also thing if getting a roll-out shelf with an insert designed to receive the bottles of beverage of different sizes.

You should also add a utensil storage to keep stirrers and cocktail napkins. You should be able to keep glasses in there too. You can install decorative lighting and glass shelving in the cabinet. A full bar is also a great addition. Add a mix area and a seating bar.

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