Finding matching kitchen cabinets and counter-tops

For the best look you should try to find kitchen cabinets and counter-tops that match in color and design. You will need to do some planning and figure this problem out. Here’s something that should help you:

  1. First of all you will need to determine the design and functionality of your kitchen.
    This will help you choose the right cabinets and counter-tops. Choose those that fit in your budget.
  2. Because the cabinets are installed before the counter-tops, you should first look for cabinets. Choose the type of wood, color and style of the budget. Look for special features that you may need. You should go to a cabinet showroom and see the different styles and designs.
  3. Then think of the materials for the counter-top. Consider the fact that counter-tops need to be cleaned easily.
  4. When choosing the color for the cabinets, you need to think of the colors in the kitchen. You can combine light colors with dark ones to create a contrast. Search for online tools that allow you to test your ideas.
  5. You can also hire a designer to improve the look of your kitchen and find you the right cabinets and counter-tops. Tell the designer about your ideas.


  • it’s nice to use the same tones for your cabinets and counter-tops.
  • you can buy unfinished cabinets and then match them in color by yourself.
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