Glazing kitchen cabinets

If you want to add depth and character to your painted cabinets, then giving them an antique look will go a long way. Use some colorant and glaze to do this. You should remove the doors and door knob before you start painting them.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve the perfect look:

  1. Use oil-based glaze for lighter cabinets. This will darken them. Glaze is a substance to which you add color. Because it remains wet a long time, you can work with it and achieve the desired effect.
  2. You can start adding the oil stain to the glaze. You can experiment on different mixes and colors on the inside of the cabinet’s door or on a scrap wood. Practice applying the glaze and see how that looks.
  3. For an easier finish, remove the pulls and knobs. Also take the drawers out of the cabinet. Before you start applying the glaze, clean the cabinets with a mild degreaser or denatured alcohol.
  4. Use a bristle brush to apply the glaze. Work it well into the grain and corners. Wipe the glaze with a clean, lint free rag. Do this until you get the desired finish. Work with one piece at a time but be sure to be consistent.
  5. Glazing painted cabinets can be done in the same way only that you will need to use acrylic water based glaze instead of oil. Always choose a color several shades darker. Experiment first.
  6. Keep in mind that acrylic based glaze will darken as it dries so first experiment it and then see how you should apply it. This glaze will also dry a lot faster. If you are not satisfied about a section, then you can use a rag and hot water to remove the fresh glaze.
  7. Don’t aim for uniformity. A more naturally aged look is much more pleasant.


  • think if the new antiqued cabinets will look good with the rest of the kitchen.
  • to add extra resistance to the glaze, you can varnish the entire work.
  • you will need to mix plenty of glaze at once because it will be difficult to match your original mix.
  • use only lint free rags.
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