How to add a sink to a kitchen island

Kitchen islands are a great addition to your kitchen. They provide extra working area and also extra storage space. An even great addition to your kitchen is a kitchen island with a sink.

This way you can prepare the meals and wash the food in the same place. Also by removing the old sink you will get extra counter-top space.

Before making any modifications you should see if you have enough space for the sink in the island. Kitchen sinks usually go deep in the island and take the much needed storage space. You may need to remove some drawers.

Also consider the fact that the sink will need a water supply and also a drainage pie. They will need to be installed underneath the kitchen floor. You will need to modify the existing lines and bring the new ones from the floor. Drill holes in the kitchen island’s bottom part to allow them. The same thing needs to be done with the pipe lines.

Make sure you install shutoff valves inside the kitchen island. Then cut the access holes in the sink using a jigsaw. First drill some pilot holes.

Check if the sink fits properly in its place. If it does, then take it out and run a bead of plumbers putty around the hole. The place it in its place again and press on it until the putty comes out of the edges. Fix the sink in place with the clamps.

Now it’s time to connect the faucet to the water lines. To avoid any water spills, make sure they are tightly connected. Now check the sink for leaks by letting it fill with water.

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