How to install custom kitchen cabinets

Cabinet installation can be a hard job for only one person, so it’s recommended that you always have someone by your side to help you. Follow the next instructions and the job will get even easier.

Pre-drill face frame

The first thing that you will need to do is pre-dill holes in the face frame of the cabinet.

The drive some wood or deck screws into the adjoining cabinet’s face frame. To make the job easier, use clamps to help you hold the cabinet parts together. Get some scrap wood to keep the end units from moving before you install them.

Wall preparation

Begin the wall preparation by drawing a plumb line across the position of the cabinets. Then use some nails to fix temporary 2×4 studs across the wall. This is where the bottom part of the cabinet will rest. This will help you keep the cabinets aligned properly.

Never install the cabinet doors before you hang them on the wall. They will only cause trouble. Hold the cabinet up and in place and drive some screws into the wall studs. This should fix the cabinets properly. Always use a level and make sure that you align the cabinets properly.

You can now remove the clamps and also the additional support stud. The holes in the drywall can be patched with drywall mud, then sanded and painted.

Lower cabinets

Now you can install the lower cabinets. Start from one corner of the room. Make sure you have some shims at hand to level the cabinets. Use deck or wood screws to attach the cabinets to the wall studs. Do not use nails because in time they will get loose.


Only after you have attached all the cabinets you can install the doors and place the drawers.

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