How to use mosaic tiles

Used  for thousands of years, mosaic tiles  are still as popular as they were in ancient Rome, where they were used to add religious, decorative or pictorial designs to some particular rooms of the home. Even now they are used for all sort of designs.

Kitchen floors

When you think about tiles, you first think about the kitchen.

Well, mosaic tiles are no exception to this rule. Making a checkers pattern or even a picture using light and dark mosaic tiles are some of the most popular methods of making your kitchen look interesting and attractive. But before you buy them, you must make sure they pass some wear-and-tear tests, as they need to be easy to maintain and keep clean.


The walls behind the kitchen counter-tops are an ideal place for mosaic tiles. This design is sure to never go out of fashion and has been used for quite some time. The tiles must be easy to clean and you can also use smaller ones to create an interesting back-splash.

Bathroom decoration

The bathroom is yet another obvious place for mosaic tiles. Many mosaic patterns are created exclusively for bathrooms. They come in a wide range of blues and greens perfect for the bathroom floor or for the sides or around the sink, baths, etc. Make sure to distribute the mosaic tiles evenly in the bathroom!

Living room decoration

The living room is not a very common place for mosaic tiles, but creating a picture made from tiles and placing it somewhere on the wall of the room, will make it easily observable by the guests. It will give your living room that special something that everyone enjoys. Also, in some living rooms, like those uncarpeted you could use mosaic tiles like in the kitchen or bathroom.

Picture tiles

Recently, this design trend has been reintroduced. Pictures made out of mosaic tiles represent a simple and effective way of decorating a floor or counter-tops but the pictures are often uninspiring. Attempt to use the best designs available.

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