How to work with concrete counter-tops

Building a concrete counter-top may seem a hard task, but it’s a relatively easy project. If you have chosen to have a concrete counter-top in your kitchen, then you should know a few things about the construction process:

  • First of all you will need some safety gear. When working with concrete you will need to make sure that the skin and eyes are protected.
  • Then do the necessary measurements and see how long the counter-top needs to be. Then buy a sheet of plywood and cut it to those dimensions. The plywood sheet must be a resistant one to withstand the weight of the concrete. Fix it with screws and braces.
  • Next you will need to create a frame from 2×4 sheets to make the desired shape. Apply black electrical tape to those areas where the concrete will have direct contact with the walls. This will stop the concrete to adhere to the wall. You can also tape the inside of the form.
  • To provide extra stability for the counter-top, you should add a wire mesh flat inside the frame. It’s like reinforcing a foundation with re-bars.
  • The first “layer” of concrete will need to be thick and crumbly. Press it flat to remove air bubbles. Create a strong, consistent concrete counter-top if you want it to last for years. The form box will need to be filled almost half-way.
  • On the second batch of concrete will be added the dyes, pigments and sparkle flecks. You will need to smooth this batch and remove all the air bubbles. Take your time.
  • After the concrete has dried, you can remove the wood frame and clean it. Wait a few days until the concrete is cured and then apply a water-proof coating. This will protect it from moisture.
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