Ideas for a small modern kitchen

Modern design focuses on clean lines and function and it’s perfect for smaller kitchens. Thanks to the modern designs, small kitchens can now benefit of more functionality.


Modern kitchens use both natural and man made materials.

Great looking cabinets are those with frosted glass inserts and maple wood facing. You can also update your existing cabinets by installing new larger steel handles. You can install a stainless steel island and use it as a work surface and also eating area.

To make the room look larger, you can use glass and create the sense of space. Plexiglas or tile glass backsplash can be used to add color to your kitchen. Buy cabinets and counter-tops that have straight lines.

Kitchen accessories

If you are opting for a modern design, then you should keep accessories to a minimum. You can store appliances in cupboards and use magnet strips on the wall to maximize the space.


More and more modern kitchens are using black, white and silver as colors. To bring more intense color in the scene, buy some red, orange or turquoise dinner plates and bar stools. To make the room feel larger, paint the walls in white.

Kitchen appliances

You can free up space in the kitchen by buying smaller appliances. Also look for appliances that have the same colors as your kitchen.

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