Installing a farm sink

The farm sink is also called an apron sink. In the last few years it has become very popular. Although they need a little more preparation than standard sinks, they will look great and add a nice traditional look to your kitchen.

Farm sinks and cabinets

Measure the dimensions of the sink. Most of the times you will have to replace the existing cabinets for the sink to fit. This is because the opening in the cabinets is not compatible. But if your cabinet has false drawers, then you should be able to install the sink without replacing them.

Installation choices

There are two ways to install a farm sink. One by mounting the sink below the counter level, and the second by installing the sink rim slightly above the counter level. For adequate drainage, most homeowners install the sink below the counter level.

Installing the sink

After you have measure the sink, mark the perimeter on the cabinet. Use a circular saw to cut out the excess area. Now the sink should fit into place without any problem. Now all you have to do is install the plumbing. Just be careful to get the hot water on the left and the cold water on the right.

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