Keeping your kitchens clean

Everybody has a problem with its kitchen. Every time we use it, at the end there is always a huge mess left behind us.

For sure things have been better off in the past.

The rich people had servants who were cooking the meal and they also were the ones cleaning the kitchen.

Those who could not have the possibilities of paying someone to do their cooking, were poor and, consequently, the place where they prepared the food was clean.

From now on, after you finish doing what you do in the kitchen, look around you and observe. You will see dirty plates, pans and utensils, and all of them will need to be cleaned up.

Most of us have someone coming to clean once or twice a week, but putting all in order in the kitchen is not something that she/he wants. So, the biggest challenge is still the way of cooking without so much mess.

Something that will magically make all the mess disappear, doesn’t exist. But, for those who really need some help, there is something to try instead.

The secret lies in washing everything you use immediately after you finished using it. This will save you from the hard work at the end.

So, in the future, try to avoid the piles of dirty dishes, so that in the end you can finish with all the work at once and not stay and wash a whole hour.

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