Kitchen back-splash ideas

Before choosing the type of back-splash for your kitchen, you should see what style best suits the room. You can make a back-splash from virtually any material. The main purpose of a back-splash is to protect the walls from stains, like oil and food.

It can also give a great look to your kitchen.

Painted back-splash

One great and inexpensive way to make a back-splash is to paint it. To make it look great you should choose a color that is in contrast with the other colors used in the room. Make it a bold one and also semi-gloss. It’s very important to be glossy because it needs to be easy to clean.

Tile back-splash

Tile back-splashes are the most popular used in kitchens, mainly because the variety of designs, styles and materials. You can buy mosaic tiles, porcelain or even glass and natural stone tiles. A tile back-splash also needs to be a little bolder and be noticeable. You can use tiles to make a pattern or maybe draw a picture. You can also buy pre-made mosaic back-splashes.

Stainless steel back-splash

Stainless steel back-splash have become very popular because they have a more modern feeling and also they are very easy to clean.It fits great in a kitchen that already has stainless steel appliances. The material is also very durable.

Different techniques

You need to keep in mind that you can transform almost any non-porous material in a back-splash. One easy way is to buy a cork-board and apply it to the wall, using its self-adhesive backing. Then you can just add some artwork and recipes and you’re done.

You can also use some adhesive spray topcoat to make almost any material waterproof. You can use mirrors or glass instead of traditional tile or paint back-splashes.

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