Kitchen decoration ideas

One popular choice and decoration idea for kitchen renovation is a barnyard theme. This will make your kitchen look more rustic. This decoration idea can be even greater if you have a house with a more rustic feeling.

Barn accents

The most used color in barnyard kitchen themes is barn red. This will provide a consistent accent color that will hold the overall look. You don’t need to paint the walls in red. You can resume to colored dishes, napkins, etc.


It’s also very popular to fill the decor with animal themes. This depends solely on your preferences. You can opt for one animal or multiple. But remember that it’s not necessary to over use animal-themed decorations to create the desired effect. You can simply add a few pottery items with an animal motif.

Wallpaper and prints

You can also use wallpaper border in the room or stencils. The wallpaper border should contain animals or barns, fruit or vegetables. Use the same color and themes in other areas to create a coordinated look.

Farmhouse cookware

Search for some dishes, pots and pans with farm-related motifs and complete the overall barnyard look of the kitchen. Try to buy some that have the some colors as those you have used in the kitchen. Add a nice effect by hanging some copper-bottomed cookware from a ceiling rack. Buy some pottery and earthenware bowls.

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