Kitchen islands

If you want more counter top space for cooking or more space for storing your utensils and food, then maybe the best choice for your kitchen is a kitchen island. There are many options available for kitchen island but you should consider your budget first. Also it’s important to study the traffic pattern and see if there is enough space for it.

Center islands

Center islands are great for kitchens that are large enough and with center space unused. It will provide you extra counter space and also extra storage. You can also serve dinner or breakfast or do your work.

Custom islands

Standard kitchen island are nice, but custom ones are great, especially if you have a custom-made kitchen. You can have it specially designed for your existing furniture or room design. You can even add a sink, cook top, dishwasher or small freezer to the island, that’s if you have enough space.

Portable islands

Portable kitchen islands are great for smaller kitchens because you can remove them if needed. You can use them only when cooking and then place them in a corner of your kitchen. They too can provide more storage space, but a more limited one.

Outdoor islands

These islands are also named grill islands, because they are mainly used when making a barbecue. They too can have refrigerators, cupboards, dishwasher or sink, but less frequent users equip them with these appliances. This happens because there are more things to consider than if installing them indoors. The main reasons is water. All appliances need to be waterproof and resistant enough to endure any weather.

Although there are so many ideas and options to consider, you should think mainly of the usability of a kitchen island. Only then think about matching the island with the rest of your kitchen.

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