Kitchen redesign tips

There are many things that you should consider when redesigning your kitchen, like the counter space, working area, appliances, room measurements, etc.


  • you will need a working triangle: freezer-sink-range.
  • the distance between these points should not be of more than 26′.
  • the traffic in the room should not be on the working pattern.
  • the position of island is very important, as they must not be an obstacle.

Counter top

You will need to have enough counter top space for working properly. You will need at least 36” for the mixing area, 18” on one side of the sink, 9” near the cook-top, and at least 15” on one side of the freezer and on the built-in oven.


It’s also important where you position the appliances. For example, the dishwasher should be near the sink, no more than 36” apart. Also the dishwasher needs some counter top space for easy loading and unloading.

Other things to consider

If you have a kitchen island or a peninsula, you should have at least 15” leg room underneath it. Also think of the storage space you will need and of the lighting.

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