Making a kitchen pantry cabinet

Having a well organized kitchen pantry will save you money and time in the kitchen. You can use existing cabinets and convert them to a pantry, or you can buy a freestanding new one. Organizing your kitchen pantry will make the cooking even more pleasant.

  1. First of all you will need to have a kitchen cabinet, so choose one in your kitchen. You can also transform shelves in a pantry. The pantry should be as big as the quantity of food you choose to store.
  2. If you need, you could install new shelves. You can install new ones even on existing cabinets. Use plastic coated shelving or board lumber.
  3. To make the shelves easy to clean, cover them with a type shelf liner. For shelves that will contain smaller items, you can use a gripping liner.
  4. Now it’s time to organize your food supplies. Floor, sugar, baking mixes and other dry good should be kept in sealed canisters. This will prevent insects and rodents from accessing them. Canned good can be places on door shelves, if you have the space. Organize the pantry by your own cooking style and preferences. You can add labels.
  5. You can also create a supply list and post in your kitchen pantry cabinet. Keep a list of the items by having a notepad mounted on the door.


  • use the space as best as possible. Buy rectangular canisters.
  • clean spills immediately after they occur. If you don’t do this, insect and rodents may be drawn by them.
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