Organizing kitchen cabinets

Organizing your kitchen cabinets will ensure that you will find the necessary ingredients for your cakes. There are a few things that you ca do to tidy up your kitchen.

  1. First of all you will need to remove all the dishes from the cabinets and then separate them into storage containers, glasses, cups, plates and saucers, bowls, silverware, lids, big bowls, casserole dishes, pots, pans, spices, food and medicine.
  2. Next you will need to clean the cabinets and then use some contact paper to line the shelves.
  3. The spices are best placed on the bottom shelf. Choose the cabinet most near the stove. The medicines should be placed in the same cabinets, but on the top shelf.
  4. The storage containers need to be placed in a separate cabinet.
  5. The glasses need to be placed upside down. Place the plastic ones on the bottom shelf and the glass ones on the top shelf.
  6. Hang your coffee cups on wall hooks and hangs. Wall shelves can also serve as support for other objects.
  7. Then place the big mixing bowls and casserole dishes on another cabinet.
  8. Do the same thing with the pots and pans.
  9. Your floor items should be placed in a storage pantry. If you do not have one, then you should buy one.
  10. For the silverware buy an organizer that fits in your drawers/
  11. The lids can also be placed in drawers.
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