Organizing your kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets represent the main storage space in a kitchen and it’s very important to be well organized, especially if you have a big kitchen. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find anything.


If you have a big family, than you should consider labeling each of the cabinets.

This way everyone will know where the food is, where to put the clean dishes, where the snacks are, where is the silverware drawer, etc.

Clear tubs

If you want to make organizing even simpler, you should use clear Rubbermaid tubs to separate food and accessories. You can even use these for spices and backing supplies.


The best way to arrange items in your cabinets is to place those of the same kind in one separate cabinet. For example, put coffee cups with other cups only. Place all the bags in one drawer; similar types of food in one cabinet, etc.


You can also make a list or a map of the entire cabinetry. Specify what each drawer contains and also do the same thing for the cabinets.

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