Painting cabinet door hinges

If you are refinishing your cabinet doors, then it’s important that you re-finish the door hinges too. A nice coat of paint will do the work and it will enhance their look. Brass hinges were the most common used in the past, but today, those that are as hidden as possible are very popular.

Tools and materials

  • Screwdriver
  • Spray Paint
  • Metal Cleaner
  • Small Drop Cloth
  • Wire Brush
  • Gloves

Removing the doors

The first thing that you will need to do in order to paint the hinges is to remove the doors. Use a screwdriver to do this. Also remove the hinges.

Cleaning the hinges

Now you will need to clean the hinges in order for the paint to adhere to their surface. Buy a can of metal cleaner and pour a little in a container. Then put the hinges in it and let them sit for a couple of hours. Wear gloves when you will be dealing with the metal cleaner. Place a piece of cloth on the table and then remove the hinges and put them on it. Clean off the dirt and dry them.

Painting the hinges

Before you start painting the hinges make sure you are in a ventilated room. Line the cabinet hinges on a piece of paper. Hold the paint spray at a distance of about 8 inches and spray an even coat on them. Before you flip them, make sure the paint has dried. To the same thing for the other side.

Installing the hinges

Now you can re-attach the door hinges. Install them in the same place as before. Make sure they are properly aligned. Then use screws to fix them. Be careful not to scratch the finish. Next you will need to attach the hinges to the doors. Lift the door up, make sure it’s perfectly positioned and mark the places where the screws will be fixed. Now screw the hinges.

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