Painting kitchen cabinets

If you’re thinking of redecorating your kitchen, an excellent and inexpensive way to do this is trying to do the job all by yourself. Painting cabinets is not a difficult job, but there are a few tricks that you need to have in mind.


Before starting to paint the cabinets, remove all the objects inside of them. Then, remove all doors and hardware, like doorknobs, hinges, latches. Try and not paint over existing hardware because it will make the cabinet look messy and also it will be a problem for you when you install new hardware.

2. Now it’s time for cleaning. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean the wood surface. Allow the wood to dry completely afterwards.

3. Use a fine sandpaper (220) to sand the wood surface. This will eliminate any imperfections and will also help the paint and here to the surface.

4. Apply a coat of oil based primer to the surface of the cabinet. These products are the best for kitchen furniture as they hold out better to humidity and heat.

5. After the primer has dried, sand the surface once more, but this time very lightly.

6. Now it’s time to apply a high quality oil paint. Choose a finish that suits your kitchen best. Also use a high quality paint brush.

7. Apply a second coat of paint. If you want to give the flat surfaces a smooth and beautiful look, you can use some small wiz rollers.

8. After all surfaces have dried, reinstall the hardware and doors.

9. The secret to a good cabinet paint job is the quality of the paint. Always use oil based paint because it’s resistant to scratches and peeling.

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