Removable kitchen back-splash

Maybe, for some people, the idea of having a removable back-splash is a great one. That’s because maybe they like to switch between back-splashes, or maybe they move around all the time. It’s not important the reasons why you should want a removable back-splash; it’s important to know that you have where to choose from.

One thing that you should consider is making your own removable back-splash. You will only need a few materials and patience. Go buy a 3/8 piece of plywood or a particle board, enough tiles for the entire surface of the back-splash and some adhesive/glue. You can find tiles with a glaze finish because these are easier to clean. Unglazed tiles will get stained and they will be more difficult to clean. Now cut the plywood sheet to the size of your desired back-splash. Cover the plywood sheet with tiles, using a strong epoxy to fix them. Then all you have to do is fix the back-splash on the wall.

Colors and patterns

If you want something different, then use tiles with different colors. Use your creativity to make great patterns and color schemes. These will enhance the look of your kitchen. If you like removable back-splashes, then you should consider making more than one. You can use one for Christmas and one for Halloween.

Tile mural

If you want to take the design even further, then you can buy mural tiles. These will help you create beautiful and amazing images. Purchase more than one set to match different holidays.

Other options

If you want a more inexpensive solution, then you can buy plastic, vinyl, tile and even fabric back-splashes directly from your home improvement store. Their low price comes with one disadvantage: they are less stylish and attractive.

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