Retro Kitchen Renovation

Today’s trend is the retro look of the fifties, and the funniest place to recreate it is your kitchen. Inspire yourself from vintage magazines, and you’ll see that redoing your kitchen is easier than you’d have thought. Colors will make it pop and make you realize that such a makeover is the ideal way to add charm to your kitchen.

First thing’s first. Decide upon the color scheme. 1940s fruit patterns, sunny yellow, chrome or aqua from the 50s, or the orange or blue hues of the 1960s and 70s?  There is no easier way to change the look and feel of the room. Take your paint chips when you’re shopping so that you can choose the desired color.

To obtain the retro aspect of your kitchen you’ll need money for stainless steel, which is the main element of the makeover. For appliances use retro colors and for blenders and toasters use a stainless steel retro look. Vintage appliances make a design statement without sacrificing modern facilities.

You can now move to the furniture and cabinetry. Replace the old table with a Formica-top dinette set with chrome legs and vinyl seats and make it the centerpiece of the room. Regarding the floor, the old black and white checkered tile will do the job. The lighting needs to be strong enough to enhance the look of your kitchen and also provide enough light for you.

Don’t forget about the linens and window curtains. They’ll have a huge impact on the way you feel in your kitchen. You can find them at virtually any vintage store. Use painted wooden handles, glass refrigerator dishes, brightly patterned or green jadeite mixing bowls. Also don’t forget to buy some vintage curtains for your windows.

If you have extra wall space, fill it with anything that says “retro”, like figurines or salt and pepper shakers.

This style is a great option for the ones that miss their childhood and want to relive it. Through the retro style you can make the kitchen the coolest room in the house.

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