Rustic Kitchens

If you’ve decide to move into a new home and paint your kitchen, you should take into consideration a rustic style. When we think of rustic, we think at different things like fresh breeze, birds chirping or wildflowers in the garden. But when we say rustic style, we think about relaxation and confidence in choosing some down-to-earth colors.

An important aspect when painting a home in the middle of the nature, are the surroundings. Colors that you choose should be related to the nature’s colors, which can be a good idea to use it as a source of inspiration.

People living in forested areas should take into consideration more than one color, in relation to the season. For spring and summer, green would be a good choice, for fall a mix of red, orange and gold, and for winter some shades of gray. Some rustic colors in these conditions for your kitchen would be dark forest green for cabinets, delicate coral for doors and darker background. In the end, the cabinets can be finished with a silver hardware.

People living by the sea should search for inspiration in the waves and the sky. These is why using indigo to cerulean is a good idea. Another important source of inspiration is also the climate. In the North, pale colors to cool blues are often used, and for tropical areas, you may range between deeper blues and lavenders. In the end it is highly recommended, to finish with whimsical shells. For the creative types, some birds or shells on the walls, over the door, would give the room an enviable look.

For rustic houses the best choice would be the arid regions. Here you can use colors like tawny sands, moss green, brown tumbleweeds, blood-red sunsets and wildflowers in bright pink. For the cabinets use deep, rich red and for doors or windows try a sills pale lemon yellow.

Painting the kitchen in a rustic way is always a chance to observe the nature and learn from it in what concerns the colors. Think of nature like being part of your home and don’t be afraid to try colors that others would never try.

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