Starting a kitchen renovation

Every kitchen renovation needs some level of demolition. You can go from only removing the counter-tops to stripping the room down to the studs. It’s important to take your time and disassemble the room, not demolish it.

Here are a few tips:

  • Safety. Before you start removing any parts or demolish anything, you need to turn off the electricity in the room or in the entire house. It can be dangerous to work without the electric system turned off because you can hit a wire by accident.
  • Protecting items. You will need to cover every item you plan on keeping. Remove all objects from the room to avoid any damage to them. If you want to keep the floor, then you should cover it with some protective cover.
  • Fixtures. If you plan on keeping little fixtures, like door knobs, faucets, or anything else, then remove them and place them somewhere safe.
  • Trim. Remove the trims and the mouldings if you plan on keeping them. Only after you have removed them you can start working on the counter-tops or cabinets.
  • Counter-tops. To remove the counter-tops it’s best to have someone who can help you. If you do not want to keep it, then cut it in manageable pieces.
  • Base cabinets. The base cabinets will need to be removed the first time. Remove the drawers or any other movable parts. After this remove the screws that are anchoring them together. Separate the cabinets and place them somewhere safe,  if you plan on keeping them.
  • Wall cabinets. You will also need someone who can help you at this job. Remove the screws that are keeping the cabinets connected. Then you ca start removing the screws that are keeping the cabinets on the wall. Remove each cabinet individually.

Only after this you can start removing the drywall or plaster. Minimize unnecessary damage and protect the object that you will be keeping.

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