Updating an old kitchen

If you are on a tight budget, you will need to figure out how you can update your old kitchen, without you spending all the money at once. You should take it slowly and focus on one area at a time. Just consider the fact that simple changes are usually those that make the difference.

Start from the cabinetry or just replace the lighting fixture.

Painting the kitchen

The most inexpensive and serious change to a kitchen is painting the kitchen, and we are not talking only about the walls, but of the cabinets too. You can make old cabinetry look like new with a little bit of sanding and some staining. Be creative and choose the colors wisely.

Counter tops change

You should also consider refinishing the counter top and not replace it. You can just repaint it or re-laminate it. You can purchase laminate sheets for every local improvement center and the best part is that they come in many different styles and patterns.


Cabinets are maybe the most prominent part of the kitchen. Remember that small changes make the difference. Just replace the door knobs and handles. Also replace the hinges and they will work like new.

Cabinet doors

One nice idea for refinishing the cabinetry is replacing the doors and the drawers. This is a great solution for those who are on a tight budget. You can also replace the inside shelves with clear glass. By replacing the doors and the inside panels of the cabinets you will surely change their appearance.

Appliance panels

There are may solutions for appliances too. If you cannot afford replacing them you can just cover them with new panels. These can be made from stainless steel, sports motif, and chalkboard. They also come in hundreds of colors.

Floor update

The wrong floor will make the kitchen look older. One easier way to update the floor is by applying a vinyl layer. This is the most inexpensive and rapid method. They also come in many different colors and styles.

Lighting fixtures

You can add more light to your kitchen by replacing the lighting fixtures. They can also be easy to install and can be found in hundreds of shapes, sizes and designs.


Look at your sink and think about the changes that you can make. You can install an under-mount sink. If you think that the sink it’s too old you can replace it with a porcelain sink or a cast iron one. If you can’t afford all these, you can replace the faucet and surely it will look different.

Back splash

If you will add or change the back splash you will add a new look to your kitchen.  You can just paint it or purchase some decorative prints to hang on it. You can also add railing to your back splash. You can use them to hang utensils or keep the spices at hand.


Adding plants to your kitchen’s window will make it look more natural and beautiful. You can even have some garden herbs planted. You can also place plants above the cabinets if you have some space left.

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