Walk-in pantries

If you are remodeling your kitchen, then this is the perfect time to plan for a walk-in pantry. This is a great addition to your kitchen because you will have enough storage place to put all your food and kitchen appliances in a safe place.


The best way to access a pantry is by having two doors installed.

This will allow you a lot of room for movement and maybe for larger appliances. The doors need to be easy to open. You can install slide doors. If you only afford one door, it shouldn’t be a problem.


All pantries are full of shelves. It’s important to know what shelves to choose to install. You can have fixed ones or sliding shelves. This depends on the room you have in the pantry. You can install both of them, as fixed shelves are great for the upper part of the pantry. If the upper shelves are mobile, you can harm yourself with those objects stored on them.


The usual depth of a kitchen pantry is of 3-4 feet, but this depends entirely on the space available. This should allow you to install normal shelves on the back and also side shelves.

Spice rack

One great thing that you can do is to build a spice rack. This will make it easier for them to find and will also prevent spills and any mess. You can even label them. If you don’t have sliding doors in your pantry, then you should consider installing the spice rack on the door.


In a pantry is very important to have a floor that can be easily cleaned. Spills do happen and you don’t want to get on your knees and scrub the floor. Linoleum is a great material that can be used for the floor, and also hardwood. Do not use carpets.

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