About LED landscape lighting

LED, or light emitting diode, landscape lighting offer more benefits than other lighting sources, like cost efficiency, environmental benefits and longer life-span.

They come in a wide variety of color choices and can fit any design. There are a few design uses for outdoor lighting:

  • ambient lighting can be provided by up-lighting fixtures.
  • targeted light can be done with down-lighting.
  • they can also be used for silhouette lighting.
  • color washes through different color varieties.

LED systems last longer than incandescent bulbs. Quality systems can last up to 30 years. They will have a higher cost, but it will worth it. They are also more energy efficient then other forms of lighting, up to 80%. This means that they will have a lower energy cost. The design ideas are great as you can make almost anything from them. This is due to their small size.

This is the greenest choice out there.

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