Choosing the right landscape lighting fixtures

There are so may types of landscape lighting fixtures, that it’s easy to get lost between them. Here are some tips on what to consider when choosing landscape lighting fixtures.

  • before you go shopping, make a plan of your garden and see where the fixtures should be mounted and also the position of the wires.
  • place as few fixtures as you can. Actually if they are fewer they will have a bigger impact.
  • consider buying solar powered fixtures. They do not require any wiring and thus they can be installed anywhere there is sun light. They also do not need power from outlets.
  • buy direct lighting fixtures for walkways and steps. They can be bend to give light downwards.
  • floodlights are great for highlighting landscapes. They can be adjusted.
  • if you want to illuminate larger areas, buy taller lighting fixtures.
  • some fixtures come with an extra option. They will turn on automatically at a specified hour and also turn off, thus saving power and saving you a task.

Solar powered fixtures can only be installed on paths and only if they are sun lighted. LED lamps last longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs so consider buying these.

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