Garden paths landscape lighting

The purpose of path lighting is that to provide security in the dimmed light of the evening.


  1. You will need to know where you will install each of the lighting fixtures. They look great is they are installed in an alternate way or stagger them to the right or to the left of the walkway.
    They can also be installed on one side only. The minimum distance between them should be at least 10 inches. Be sure that the wires are away from grass, because you risk cutting them when you mow the grass.
  2. Put the cables on their path. Use light bulbs that use less energy for a more dramatic effect. They shouldn’t have more than 4-20 watts.
  3. Dig a small trench to put the wires in. Put them in a pipe before burying them.
  4. Then trim 1/2 an inch off insulation from the wires. Place them on the terminals and then tight them with the screws.
  5. Place the transformer near the power outlet and then plug it in. The transformer needs to be 12 inches off the ground.
  6. Connect the lighting fixtures to the wires. They should have some clamps that will help you connect them.
  7. Then fix the fixtures in the soil. Make a little hole in the ground and gently tap them in.
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