How to install landscape lights

Landscape lighting refers to external lighting fixtures. You will need two main things for this installation: the lighting kit, and a lot of wiring.


  1. Unpack your lighting kits and spread the fixtures as you would like them to be place in your yard.
  2. the wiring needs to be buried for better protection, so you will nee to dig a trench.
  3. put the wiring away from siding grounds and as close as possible to the house. This will prevent cutting them.
  4. Now locate the terminals on the back of the transformer. Attach the wiring to these terminals and screw them tight.
  5. Secure the transformer on a house wall.
  6. You can start by snapping black tiers onto the light globe. Push the leads into the light sockets until you hear a click, then snap the socket into the bottom of the light glove.
  7. install a light bulb.
  8. The wires will need to be placed in tubes for a better protection.
  9. After you have installed the first light bulb, pull enough wiring.
  10. At the end, plug the transformer into the outlet.
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